Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning, change and starting something new

What can I say, I get bored easily, I love change!  

But I’m aware that is not the case for everyone. And I have a completely un-researched theory I want to share with you.  And yes, I’m pretty sure un-researched is a made-up word. 

My theory is that people who love change, also have a lifelong love of learning and peruse new endeavours.  People who hate change are less likely to have a love of learning.

Is that completely outrageous… a touch judgemental or is it true?

I think that’s going to depend on who you discuss this un-researched theory with.  But let me share my rationale with you and I’m very interested to hear your thoughts.

On Change

I enjoy change and like trying new things.  I love variety and choice.  Joy for me is in learning and discovering new ideas and new ways to do things.  When you learn something new, it’s inevitable that things will change.  Because you apply that learning.  Or you see things differently.

So for me, learning is a way of perusing change and keeping things moving.

However, I imagine someone who dislikes change would not feel joy out of learning new things the way I do.  For the exact reason I love it, they would hate it.  Learning means change.  In the words of Maya Angelou “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” 

Yesterday I interviewed someone for a position in my company and they told me they are open to upping their skills but find it really hard to enjoy the feeling of not knowing something.  They‘d mastered their area and do not like feeling like they were not on top of what they are doing.  I was a little challenged and surprised by that attitude and had to reassure them that learning is all part of developing and continuing to grow in a role.  Even the world’s best experts only stay on top by continuing to learn and develop their skills to stay the best.

A downside to change

There is a downside to change, especially when it becomes a scapegoat.  

I get bored easily.  But, I’m great at procrastinating.  I’m also great at finishing things to 90% but not quite getting them over the line without a deadline or nudge.  

So, when it comes to change, I love it.  I’m happy to try new things.  But it can also be a way to let myself off the hook for not finishing things because I’ve already moved on to something new.  So change can also be a ‘scapegoat’ for not getting sh*t done. Yes, I will work on that. 

Some folks think the ‘not quite finishing’ is about perfectionism.  Never quite finished because they are always looking for improvement.  I actually think perfectionists are ahead of the game on this.  At least they take action, they do get things done.  Perhaps their never completely happy or satisfied with their output and that’s not a great thing either, but it’s better than doing nothing. It’s much worse to be a ‘roundtoit’ talking about doing something and never actually getting around to it. For me, that’s not it.  It is procrastination, not perfectionism.   

Perhaps folks who dislike change could take comfort in using change as a tool for not getting sh*t done.  They too could use it as a scapegoat. But this would seem to fly in the face of the great words by Maya Angelou as mentioned above.  So I won’t encourage it.  


On starting new things

And then there is starting new things.  This is also something I’m good at.  A new YouTube series, a new online course, a new blog, even taking up a new sport.  It’s all part of lifelong learning.

But I wonder, do people who dislike change initiate new projects, new hobbies, moving house?  Or do they stick to what they know.  Rinse and repeat.  

It’s hard for me to imagine not doing new things.  

Not exploring ideas.

Not reading new books.

After all, knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing at all.

Let me know your thoughts, are you all in on learning or do you feel content with where you’re at?

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